Our Products

  • Viewpoint Resort Management System

    With over 30 years' experience in software engineering in the Timeshare Industry, our current PMS, Viewpoint, is currently used by approximately 100 resorts / Clubs globally. Apart from normal member management and reservations, Viewpoint and its associated modules also have the following components:

    • Fully floating weeks with common anniversary dates and floating unit types, a weeksbased club structure where any week/unit size is able to be used

    • Mixture of fixed and floating weeks with biannual entitlement and maintenance levies annually, biannually or annually, but half where entitlement is biannual

    • Ownership can be for seven, 14 or 28 days, with usage controlled at the day level

    • Viewpoint can be a pointsbased system, a weeksbased system, or a combination of both where owners can own both weeks and points

    • Phone call collection and pricing for rooms

    • Document storage and retrieval at an owner level

    • A range of bulk processing functions such as advance depositing with exchange companies, bulk charges, bulk log notes

    • Payment processing using gateway companies

    • Automated interface between resort and exchange companies facilitating all of the below:

      • Creation of bookings or amendments to bookings relating to exchange company are automatically advised

      • Attaching an owner to advance deposited weeks is sent

      • Releasing an owner

      • Inbound guests are identified and reused, or new guests created

      • Resort member details relating to exchange company such as exchange company member ID and expiry details can be automatically be updated

      • Exchange company deposit requests can be "washed" against the resort data and then valid ones presented to the resort staff for processing

      • Rental weeks can be uploaded automatically to the exchange company

      • Rental weeks can be automatically released by the exchange company if not sold within a negotiated time period

    Viewpoint Online

    Viewpoint Online, or VPO as its come to be known, sits over the top of participating resorts' Viewpoint system. In addition to normal member functions such as levy payments, prepayments, bookings, account details and depositing of weeks, VPO supports a range of other functions, such as:

    • Automated guest survey system

    • Rental system to allow live fee paying rental bookings

    • Bulk emailing system

    • Third-party bulk emailing system where exchange companies negotiate with resorts to email against their database without having access to the information

    VPO even allows resort members to book exchanges, bonus weeks and rentals with DAE directly from a resort's web site. It also enables owners to join DAE and RCI or renew an existing membership from within the resort's web site.

  • S2S - Steps to Sale

    S2S provides timeshare and holiday club businesses with a powerful customer profiling engine which can be linked to a CRM, enabling your business to profile customers during the sales process for future marketing initiatives and for the delivery of future tailored content, product offers and membership upsell. The system also provides practical management reporting to enable your business to continue to refine the sales process. The dynamic nature of the product enables S2S to be adapted to the specific needs of your sales team and product mix on an on-going basis to increase sales conversion and ROI. Importantly, unlike traditional timeshare and holiday club presentations, you are not locked into a set presentation format as changes can be made to better suit your business needs and any changes in the marketplace.


    CHARM has enabled the business to go completely paperless - transforming the customer experience, increasing accountability and driving conversions.

    The sophisticated technology platform feeds real time data from ground sites and sales offices across into a central database, providing the company's managers and executives with unprecedented access to the entire sales operation at any moment in time, from any device, anywhere in the world.

    It also maps the personalized data and preferences of an individual from prospect all the way through to member and beyond, creating the opportunity to directly market holiday products that match every individual member's wants and needs.